The average uncontested eviction handled by our company results in a vacant property 29 days after the service of the summons. You are always represented by:

Robert A Krasney, Attorney-at-Law

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California Eviction Services

Express Evictions knows it isn't easy for a Landlord to go through the eviction process. That is why we provide Landlords California Eviction Services and advice when it comes to dealing with the California eviction notice process. It is often the last resort to evict a tenant because of how time consuming and stressful the process can be.

Express Evictions knows it is important that you feel confident with the company that is providing the eviction services in California. This is why we provide fast evictions and keep you informed as much as possible throughout the process. Trust a company that will take care of the entire problem.

California Eviction Services: Legal Advice & Representation

We are a Law Office specializing in Landlord Tenant Law, Real Estate Law, Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits and Judgment Collection Services. An eviction attorney always represents you if the need may arise in any case at any time. We provide the preparation and service of the necessary 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, 30-Day Notice to Quit and 90-Day Notice to Quit. We can walk you through the entire California Unlawful Detainer process.

Forms, Flowcharts & Other California Eviction Services

Unlike other California Eviction Services, Express Evictions looks at all possible ways to solve your eviction needs fast, we provide the landlord help that allows them to pay attention to their everyday responsibilities. Take a look at the California eviction notice flowchart to better understand the California eviction process or click on the "Contact Us" tab to the left to give us a call. Also please use the Forms tab to the left where we have provided California eviction forms for all of your eviction notice needs at no charge to you. Notices provided by our California Eviction Services website can be used in the entire State of California. We look forward to serving you.


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